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Good Bad Variant

Clothes, cars, bicycles, foods, drinks, houses − almost everything you can think of has variants.


How to meet the customer needs faster?

Bottlenecks in sales, complicated production, an increasing number of errors in products? With VariSuite you meet the specific customer needs easier.


Fast and error free order configuration

Streamlined order-to-production process that generates configured manufacturing bills-of-material (MBoMs) and documents? VariSuite turns this into...


How to increase sales?

Salespeople want to serve their customers better, but also use less time per offer and quote handling. Guided selling can save time in quoting...


MS Excel or CPQ as a sales configurator?

You will need a lot of development hours to make Excel work like standard CPQ which has the features you need as out-of-the-box.


Enhance your business processes with VariSuite

Get results quickly! VariSuite combines product development, configure-price-quote, order-to-manufacture and installed base processes and...

Offering Management

Offering Management in Marine Industry

Marine industry projects have a high demand of collaboration during design, building and maintenance in changing components and configurable...


Why should you use VariCPQ-software in sales?

Variantum’s CPQ-software VariCPQ is a comprehensive plug-and-play sales configurator for Salesforce. Fast to implement, easy-to-use.


How to manage CPQ easily in Salesforce?

Manage CPQ easily in Salesforce. More offers and happier sales team: modern CPQ-software can automize the offering process and routine tasks.

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