How to Streamline the Configurable Product Process from Sales to Manufacturing and Service

In this final post of the blog-post-series of Configurable Products, we will focus on how to streamline the configurable product process from sales to manufacturing and service.

In our previous blog posts, we have covered a range of topics related to managing configurable products, including their benefits for manufacturing, how to fulfill service needs with them, and how to model and engineer them effectively. In this final post, we will focus on how to streamline the configurable product process from sales to manufacturing and service.



At VariSuite, we offer a platform that enables automatic actions to create configurable product BOMs or structures for manufacturing and service purposes based on a maxi-BOM (also known as superBOM/150%BOM). Here are the key points:

  • Manufacturing: We provide engineering Bill-of-Material (eBOM) and manufacturing Bill-of-materials (mBOM) based on rules or any other BOM/structure (xBOM) for sourcing, logistics, and installation based on ready-made rules.
  • Service: We provide product individual structure and spare part structure.

Our CPQ (Configure Price Quote) system also allows for different approaches after offers with products have been configured for customers as a proposal and the customer has approved the offer. Here are the key points:

  • Configure-to-manufacturing products: The product can be configured for manufacturing triggered by the offer "order" status and for service purposes.
  • Order-to-engineer products: Configuration is done after the "order" as near as possible (with known customer parameters) as a partial configuration result, and engineers can continue with eBOM and engineering work. After engineering is completed, the eBOM can be manually configured to mBOM or any other structure for manufacturing and service.

Triggering can also start from CRM or ERP, in case the sales process is managed by CRM or production process by ERP.

To summarize, VariSuite offers a streamlined configurable product process from sales to manufacturing and service. Our platform and CPQ system enable automatic actions to create BOMs or structures for manufacturing and service, as well as different configuration approaches for different product types. With our system, you can ensure that your configurable product process is efficient and effective, from start to finish.

We hope you found this blog series informative and useful for your organization's configurable product needs. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how VariSuite can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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