How to Fulfil Service Needs with Configurable Product Individuals

Today, we will continue our blog-post-series with the topic: How to Fulfil Service Needs with Configurable Product Individuals.

Let's continue the blog-post series about explaining the basics of Configurable Products.

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Once a configurable product has been developed, offered, sold, and manufactured, it should be managed for its entire product lifetime by the service and after-sales organization. These teams need to be able to find product individual technical information and maintain it.


This includes for example:

  • collecting all relevant information from R&D, sales, and manufacturing to product individual basic information
  • managing product individuals and its modules as a fleet management
  • finding technical details
  • managing field letters and product certificates
  • viewing order-specific technical documents
  • maintaining serial numbers.

In addition, the service and after-sales teams need to manage service parts and maintain their information and follow spare part modifications, report, and maintain spare part changes, report and maintain service visit actions, report, and maintain software updates, and manage product individual modernizations using order-specific parameters to generate current product modules. They also need to analyse product components, where used, and product feature trends. These features have been developed by Variantum into VariSuite TRACE as standard functionality.

To accomplish these tasks, product individual technical information is often connected to IoT, EAM or other service work task systems with standard REST API. VariSuite has also additional analytics API for BI-systems.

Overall, with the help of VariSuite, service and after-sales teams can effectively manage and maintain configurable product individuals throughout their entire product lifecycle. This ensures that customers receive high-quality service, and that the product continues to perform at its best over time.

In conclusion, by leveraging the power of VariSuite TRACE, businesses can streamline their service and after-sales operations and ensure that their configurable products meet the needs of customers over their entire lifetime. By providing teams with easy access to technical information, VariSuite TRACE simplifies the process of maintaining and servicing configurable products, improving customer satisfaction and increasing the longevity of the products


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