What is it?

VariSuite is a unique SaaS platform that solves business needs with configurable products in engineering, sales, production, and maintenance.

Streamline business processes
The platform allows companies to align configurable product data management and processes and break the
silos between organization units:

  • Faster and more effective idea-to-product process
  • Guided and shorter quoting process
  • Initiate production process with automated Bill of Materials generation
  • Accurate information for maintenance and service

Flexible Solution

VariSuite enables capability and business requirement based deployment. Event based integration allows collaboration with any existing landscape.

Fast deployment

VariSuite include ready-made best practices to accelerate deployment of the platform to fulfill your business requirement. The platform can be adopted with no-coding and added custom specific extensions.

Supports any product

Versatile product and price rules with multi-currency options allow any product models from standard, software, services to complex configurable products with high performance.

PDM for complex configurable products

VariSuite PDM capability manages configurable products business requirements. Items, structures, and documents can be a part of a product model or variant. Change management is supported.

Product models, data models, processes and user interfaces can be edited and maintained dynamically with no-code functionality.

Product information can be easily shared to external partners by utilizing authorization rules, typically for subcontractors.

PDM for complex configurable products - VariSuite
CPQ for complex pricing, quoting and visualization

VariSuite CPQ capability guides end-users for compatible sales options and pricing and automates offer document generation.

Sales team, resellers and web-shop users can configure customer specific products as designed.

VariSuite analyses product rules and calculates pricing in real-time. Sales configurator user interface with 2D- or 3D-visualization adjusts directly from product model.

Quotes and technical documents are generated automatically based on templates and configuration selections.

CPQ for complex pricing - quoting and visualization - VariSuite
Automate order specific BOM and document configuration

VariSuite Production configurator capability configures order-based items and multilevel BOMs for production, based on order parameters and enables automation to ERP.

Production phases, as-delivered structures and installation tasks can be derived from the order BOM.

VariSuite enables generation of structural documents, manufacturing drawings etc.

VariSuite allows product model testing for production.

Automate order specific BOM and document configuration - VariSuite
Trace, maintain and analyze configuration data of installed base

VariSuite Trace capability includes “as designed”, “as manufactured” and “as delivered” individual products and equipments database, to maintain product individuals’ information for services and maintenance. Product information is stored for the products entire lifecycle.

Integrating VariSuite with other services allows continuous feedback for design, services, and maintenance. VariSuite enables more precise analyses of the delivered products for upselling and cross-selling. With modern enterprise analytics tools more detailed analysis can be done through the analytics API.


VariSuite main benefits

  • One configurator solution to manage product configuration needs
  • Dynamic product management with modularization
  • Quoting with higher quality offers and less resources
  • Automated order specific BOM creation
  • Accurate order specific product lifecycle information
VariSuite main benefits - One configurator solution to manage product configuration needs

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