How to manage CPQ easily in Salesforce?

Manage CPQ easily in Salesforce. More offers and happier sales team: modern CPQ-software can automize the offering process and routine tasks.

Companies often use a lot of time to manage their different tasks related to the sales process. If a company is producing versatile, configurable, mass-customized goods and services, the sales process may include many phases.

Challenges in sales process

It might take a few attempts to get the right combination of components or parts to configure the end-product or service according to the customers’ needs. When the configuration is completed, it is not always easy to get the offer incorrect form to the customer. However, there are tools to tackle these challenges.

How CPQ-software helps?

Modern CPQ-software (Configure-Price-Quote) can automize the offering process and routine tasks which significantly saves time in defining the products and services. As the sales process will be more efficient, the sales representative can make more orders and increase sales volume. CPQ-software standardizes the working routines, prices, and documentation of sales organization, and eliminates errors in offers.

CPQ in Salesforce

Salesforce offers several CPQ-extensions that are integrated into their system, and usually, these extensions are easy and quick to use and maintain. Many of these CPQ-extensions utilize Salesforce’s data source, and administration personnel are required to do the setups.

Variantum’s CPQ-extension differs from others, as in our solution the maintenance of product options, features and pricing rules is done with Excel, so basically, anyone can do it. It means that there is no need for Salesforce admin to make rules and feature-mapping or pricing! Basic Salesforce users, like Product Managers or Pre-Sales Specialists, only need to add Excel to Salesforce products, and with CPQ-extension they can edit and maintain their sales model in excel in Salesforce.

Product modelling is easy in Excel and companies can do installation and configuration to Salesforce without external organization’s help which is inexpensive. Excel modelling rules cover up most of the configuration and user interface rules with grouping options, dependencies, languages, and prices.

Sales Management needs to know about CPQ-extensions

CPQ-extension can ensure correct pricing and deliver error-free and customized quotes. They also quicken up the time that sales need to create an offer. Time-consuming tasks between design, sales, and customers are reduced.

If your company needs software to enhance your sales configuration and offering tasks, there are many sales configurators integrated into Salesforce to solve your challenges.

Download here: Salesforce AppExchange

You can compare different CPQ-extensions for Salesforce here!


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