Why should you use VariCPQ-software in sales?

Variantum’s CPQ-software VariCPQ is a comprehensive plug-and-play sales configurator for Salesforce. Fast to implement, easy-to-use.

CPQ-software (Configure-Price-Quote) can automize the offering process and routine tasks which makes the sales work more efficient. CPQ-software can save a lot of time when defining the products and services for customers, as they can ensure correct pricing and error-free quotes.

VariCPQ is an easy-to-use sales configurator for Salesforce

Variantum’s CPQ-extension VariCPQ is a comprehensive plug-and-play sales configurator for Salesforce. It is especially developed to satisfy the needs for sales configuration and to maintain the product feature selections and pricing rules easy for any Salesforce user!

VariCPQ is different fromVariCPQ basic other CPQ-extensions, because in VariCPQ the maintenance of a product structure is done with Excel. This means that anyone in the organization can do it, and there is no need for a Salesforce admin to make rules and feature-mapping or pricing!

No external help needed for installation – just take it use and test yourself!

Excel is a widely used application in which product modelling is very easy. There is no office worker who wouldn’t be able to use excel. Therefore, companies can do the installation and configuration to Salesforce without external help which is cost-effective. Excel modelling rules cover up most of the configuration and user interface rules with grouping options, dependencies, languages, and prices.

Streamline your sales process in Salesforce with VariCPQ. It improves overall process in the entire idea-to-quote-to-order process, including product selection, configuration and pricing.

Why Variantum’s VariCPQ:

  • More offers with a correct product option combinations and prices.
  • Fast to implement, installation is automated from AppExchange and you only need to add Excel to Salesforce product to start configuring it on Opportunities!
  • Easy modelling, if you know your product and Excel, that’s it!
  • Multilingual & guiding interface based on excel.
  • Easy-to-use interface, product features can be selected in any order.
  • Tight integration to Salesforce, price, features and status are returned to opportunity.

We offer you a free 30-day trial here:

Download here: Salesforce AppExchange

“VariCPQ appears to offer companies a very flexible, powerful, and low cost of ownership sales configurator for Salesforce customers."
Stan Przybylinski, Vice President, CIMdata, Inc.

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