Higher revenue and efficiency for service and after-sales

Want to increase your company revenue with services, cross-selling and upselling? For this you need information about the delivered product individuals.

Many companies want to increase their revenue with services, cross-selling and upselling. Some companies get even more profit from services than from the sales of new products. To do this, companies must have information about the delivered product individuals for effective service and after-sales.

VariSuite handles the configurable product around the company: in R&D, sales, production and service. In service, the focus is to manage reliable and current product individual information as a customer installed base.

VariSuite enables product-related lifecycle services

VariSuite manages the technical information of a product during the whole product lifetime. This is known also as a digital thread. In practice, this means that once a product is designed, offered and sold, manufactured and delivered, the product individual is linked with all relevant information about the product and the service activities that have been applied to it. Service and after-sales teams can maintain and update product individual information during its lifetime.

Fewer service visits

Up-to-date information about product individuals means fewer maintenance and service visits. Without this information, one often needs an extra visit to analyze the physical product to determine the proper components and equipment for the actual repair visit.

Potential for cross-selling and upselling

When new options, accessories or spare parts become available, information about the delivered product individuals allows service and after sales to offer new features to existing customers.

Simplified user interface

Service personnel requires different product information than engineers or production. A simplified web user interface for the service shows only the necessary information, such as product serial numbers, spare parts, documentation, customer and location information, field letters, and service history. More detailed design information, if needed, can be retrieved from the same system.

More analysis possibilities

If a component has failed in a product individual and you have traced the failure to a systematic design or production error, you can perform a “where used” query in the installed base to find other product individuals with the same component. If the component is configurable, you may want to know which product individuals contain this component with identical or similar parameter values. There are also other analyzing needs, e.g. what options are most popular in different market areas or volumes of different products and modules over time. These analyses can be run also via Analytics API.

Easy to integrate to other service tools

Even with technical product information in the VariSuite installed base, companies need other systems to run service tasks or ticketing. VariSuite JSON Rest API helps companies to create integrations to other systems to share and update technical data for individual products.

Case Chiller:
An End-to-End Solution

”The Variantum system is the business critical core of Chiller’s product life cycle management, creating a digital thread of information between product development, sales, production and maintenance.”

You can read more about the case here: case Chiller

Chiller Oy designs and manufactures advanced-technology solutions for heating, cooling, and energy applications. Chiller systems are widely used in both new buildings and renovation projects that present strict requirements for indoor air quality and technical solutions in terms of sound levels, energy consumption and maintenance.

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