How to meet the customer needs faster?

Bottlenecks in sales, complicated production, an increasing number of errors in products? With VariSuite you meet the specific customer needs easier.

Boost your Offering Management by VariSuite and achieve results fast regardless of product or industry.

Bottlenecks in sales, complicated production and an increasing number of errors in products? Watch our video to see how Mika and his colleagues solved the challenges the growing competition has caused.

Traditional business models are changing. This means constantly increasing configuration requirements for mass-customized products and services. Companies have to rethink how to develop their offering and its management.

VariSuite is a software solution for offering management. It combines product development, configure-price-quote, order-to-manufacture and installed base processes and functionalities, enabling companies to launch products faster and configure products automatically for manufacturing.

VariSuite is an end-to-end solution that extends traditional product lifecycle management with elements for guided selling and quoting. It supports different business processes seamlessly.

With VariSuite you will fulfill the specific customer needs easier!

Watch the video to learn more

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