VariSuite SaaS Service Description

VariSuite SaaS service description

  • VariSuite is common platform for all VariSuite capabilities. It keeps data model, access management and product model definitions for all VariSuite modules and features and contains generic features and functions with dynamic data model.
  • VariSuite has CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) tool to help guided selling and effective offering of configurable and standard products and services with CRM integration.
  • VariSuite's PDM capability includes product data management features for faster engineering and time-to-markets supporting configurable products, release processes, design tool and ERP integrations
  • VariSuite's Production configurator capability manages order-to-manufacture automation and product configurations for manufacturing purposes
  • VariSuite's Trace capability is an installed base that manages product individuals after delivery and service and maintenance data management

VariSuite Platform – common PDM features

  • Connectivity with or without SSL
  • User management (user has role and may belong to user groups)
  • Access management based on lifecycle settings and user, role, or group settings
  • UI settings based on user own settings, user group setting or general, language settings
  • Mailer, a mechanism where user can order change notifications of any object
  • Search engine where search can be made based on any object type, attribute, different statuses, configuration settings (configured, unconfigured) including predictive id search
  • Data export/import tools with excel objects, structures, views, or search results
  • Item management with types, ID setting, revision setting, attribute setting and lifecycle settings
  • Item structure management, relationships between items in any level with position and quantities
  • Product modeler with configurable definitions for item structures. Item structure is so called “maxi-BOM” including all possible variants with parameters, values, value lists, ranges and refinements, assignments, constraints, rules
  • Data model editor to add or change data model definitions, e.g., objects, object types, lifecycles and states, attributes, relationships
  • Configuration attributes, to manage and inform usable parameters for configurable models with value lists
  • User interfaces: VariWEB for web-usage to search and edit data and VariClient application for desktop usage for heavy users, product modelers and administrators
  • Object history management to track changes
  • WebAPI for integrations
  • VariPDM features
  • Item and BOM management with configuration management
  • Document management with ID, language variant, revision and version control supporting any kinds of document files
  • Change management to help change processes where several items, BOM’s or documents changes can be done using specific change process with specified user interface that gathers all information needed with tasks and approval process
  • Product configurator in both VariWEB and VariClient
  • MS Office integration where documents can be managed directly from MS Office applications, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS outlook

VariSuite CPQ capability 

  • Database with dedicated user interfaces for managing offers and customers
  • Offer management with offer identification, offer revision control, offer statuses (draft, active, ordered, lost or obsolete), offer terms and conditions and adding, editing offer structure with products or systems
  • Discount and price handling with offer and offer rows
  • Supports two kinds of products, configurable or fixed
  • Configurable products may have hard or soft constraints
  • Pricing model support for products: feature-based, rule-based, or cost-based structure
  • Configure products with data-driven guiding user interface with inference engine and error solving wizard, which allows configuration in any order and real-time price calculation
  • 2D visualization
  • Offer letter creation in PDF or DOCX format based on MS Word template
  • Document generator based on product model datasheet with multi-lingual support (document is generated based on offer row order and offer language)
  • Currency converter to manage currencies with offers

VariSuite Production configurator capability

  • Production configurator with configuration rounds
  • Individual creation for production where main level and all configurable modules or components gets unique order-based identification (known as configuration)
  • Standard items will be presented as they are in database with relation
  • Orchestration, that means production configurator can be started based on triggering event from VariSuite e.g., from VariSales order status
  • Delivery Tagging is when configured structure needs to be manipulated based on rules adding and re-structuring product structure

VariSuite Trace capability

  • Production individual management database also known as installed base with delivered and modified products with precise technical information of serial number-based products and its components with spare parts
  • Effective search of individual database based of product individual features
  • Product individuals with product structure with individual modules or component as well as generic components
  • Product individual information of its history how it was designed, sold, configured, manufactured and product individual documents and order-based parameters
  • Spare part management: categories to handle spare part classification, spare part replaceability information
  • Service BOM structure based on spare part categories
  • Product or product component reconfiguration

VariSuite SaaS cloud environment

  • The Customer having active Agreement with Variantum will be granted with access by default to the Customer SaaS environment including the following technical setup & maintenance actions:
  • Maximum 2GB database
  • Maximum 10 GB Vault storage
  • API gateway basic usage on reasonable daily usage level
  • One Production and One Testing environment
  • Maintenance & new software version release cycle as provided by Variantum
  • Data backups will be performed automatically if not otherwise agreed in the Agreement, as a rolling seven (7) days backups, meaning Customer can request restoring of data from Variantum till last 7 days of data

VariSuite SaaS Customer Support Services

The main goal for the Customer Support is to collect Software bugs, errors, and incident inquiries from Customer. The Customer Support organization will manage technical support requests according to this Service Description. The support services are available only when Customer has active & paid subscription for VariSuite SaaS service.


  1. “Service” means the VariSuite SaaS (Software as a Service)
  2. By default, “Normal Business Hours” means 8 hours between 9:00 and 17:00 EET/EEST, from Monday to Friday.
  3. “Non-Business Hours” means a time between 17:00 – 9:00 from Monday to Friday and Saturdays and Sundays as well national holidays according to the country from where the support is given at that time. By default, Finland.
  4. “Customer Key User” is the defined person who is allowed to be in contact with Variantum’s Customer Support
  5. “Customer Support Portal” is a web-based system appointed by Variantum from where the Customer can register and log new support cases 24/7.
  6. “Production Environment” means a live Customer System for production use with Variantum provided software
  7. “Agreement” is the signed written contract between the Customer and Variantum

Variantum will provide the support services for production environments in order to maintain the Variantum’s Software in good working order, keeping it free from material defects so that the Service would function properly and in accordance with the accepted level of performance.

Variantum will make available to Customer a Service Portal where appointed Customer Key User(s), (Customer can appoint maximum five (5) persons to be Key Users), should raise all inquiries and tickets for the Variantum to handle. The portal will be available at

Please note: Variantum is following the basic structure of The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and it’s framework’s standard software support tiers, where 1st and 2nd tier support for end users of the Service is given by the Customer Key Users or Solution Owners. Only nominated Key Users from Customer side can contact Variantum’s support services for requesting help.

Customer Support is operating between 9-17 EET Monday-Friday according to Finnish business hours and normal bank holidays are excluded from supporting hours.

Enhancements and changes for Customer’s VariSuite SaaS environment & configuration

Customer needing any enhancements and changes to their current VariSuite SaaS implementation for the production environment should send those requests to Variantum sales: /

Services Not Included

Customer Support services do not include any of the following:

(1) custom programming services; (2) on-site and per call support, including installation or implementation of hardware or software; (3) support of any software not listed to belong to the Software in production environment provided by the Variantum; (4) user training; (5) out-of-pocket and reasonable expenses, including hardware and related supplies.

Please see also other Variantum Legal Documents: