VariSuite - Version history

These are the latest Major VariSuite Software releases by Variantum

VariSuite main benefits - One configurator solution to manage product configuration needs

R202209 - VariSuite 4.0

  • Release highlights
    • VariSuite SaaS - VariSuite as cloud based service
    • Sales configurator improvements (VariSales)
      • Offer request configurator
      • Improved repair suggestions in case of conflicts in configuration
      • UX branding support
      • Unified configurator scripting with VariProd
    • Installed base management improvements (VariTrace)
      • Support equipment hierarchies
      • Support serialized components and their spare part changes
      • Improved SBOM (Service BOM) support and equipment specific spare parts manual
      • User interface and usability improvements
    • Standardized interfaces
      • Event based interface (JSON) to integrate to external systems e.g., ERP via message bus
      • SDI - Supplier data interface to distribute product data to external partners, i.e. suppliers
      • Oracle NetSuite interface

R202103 - VariSuite 3.0 

  • Release highlights
    • Productized end-to-end offering management system
      • Configurable product development and maintenance (PLM)
      • Quotation - Sales Configuration - Production configuration - Order engineering - Product individual management
      • VariSales Basic: out-of-the-box, cloud-native CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) solution
    • Enable end-to-end digitalization of SMEs that supply configurable products or services.
      (SME=Small and medium-sized enterprises)


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