About Elematic

Elematic provides precast concrete producers with technology, production lines, products and services that makes the customer succeed. Elematic is the global technology and market leader in precast concrete technology for residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Founded: 1959
  • Deliveries: Over 3,600 worldwide
  • Customers: In over 100 countries on 6 continents
The Products

Main products: Floor production technologies, wall and façade production technologies, batching and mixing plants and concrete distribution systems, Acotec® production lines, Foundation and Frame production lines

Specialities: Technologies for seismic and hot and cold zones, ELiPLAN production planning software, consultation for building concept designing, lifecycle services, 3 production technology levels SEMI, PRO and EDGE, Precast Academy, online spare and wear parts shop

Main figures
  • Global market share: Hollow-core slab technology 60%
  • Global market share: All precast concrete production technologies 40%
  • Innovation capital: 450 patents
  • Headquarters: Akaa (Toijala), Finland
  • Production: 3 production units in Finland
  • Subsidiaries: Elematic Inc., USA, Elematic GmbH, Germany, OOO Elematic, Russia, Elematic India Pvt, India and Elematic PC Machinery (Shanghai), China
  • Customer service centers: Finland, Dubai/UAE and USA
  • Representatives: In over 20 countries
  • Annual net sales: EUR 100 million
Solution delivered

VariSales – Sales Configurator and Quoting tool

Elematic chose Variantum’s VariSales to be able to increase amount of offers sent out by decreasing the processing time and working effort per offer creation and price quoting. VariSales also gives unique approach for handling complex customer offers flexible and in Elematic’s case the complexity and variety of offer items is simply massive. When configuring a full scope concrete distribution systems or production lines, there are many options that might go wrong. VariSales helps eliminating such errors from the offers so that Customer’s will get the offer content they need and requested, and Elematic can be sure they are able to deliver such solution.

Variantum’s proof-of-concept together with Elematic was successful and proved that VariSales can solve very complex product offering like in Elematic’s offering management case.


Customer Testimonial

“Variantum proved that it waspossible to create a salesconfigurator for an entire concreteelement factory involving extremelycomplex variability“

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